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Writer's Block: It's payday!

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Anime North 2011 Experience (very belated)

So... looking through my journal I've realized how far behind I've been in writing stuff, especially about when I went to Anime North so I might as well write about it now before I forget about ti later.

The whole trip was great thought we did hit a little bump when getting off the bus. My friend and I realized that we had no idea of where we were in Toronto and we didn't look up any taxi numbers to get a taxi. Luckily there were a lot of taxis passing by with numbers on them and we managed to call for a taxi.

When we got to the hotel the line-up at the register desk was very long. A lot of people had to make a deposit in cash since they didn't have a credit card. We waited in line for two hours and it only took us five minutes to get our key cards and head for out room. We dumped our stuff, rested for a bit, I but on my Canada (from Hetalia) wig and grabbed Kumojiro and then we headed off to another line to get our passes then another line to register my tonfas for my Kyoya Hibari (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) cosplay. After all that standing in line we were off to buy manga!

My friend went on a crazy manga buying frenzy while I limited myself. I managed to find some cute figuriens and a few Reborn stuff. I also found a really good wig for my Hibari cosplay.

Day one over.

Day two commence.

I was pretty proud of my Hibari cosplay and I was shocked when someone actually asked me if they could take a picture of me. I felt like a real cosplayer at that moment.

Day two was like day one, shopping for manga and other anime stuff, checking out the artist gallery and seeing the other cosplayers.

End Day Two.

Start Day Three.

Last day of Anime North. We didn't get to catch many events since we weren't in the Double Tree Hotel but it was still fun and we vowed to get a room at the Double Tree next year.

My friend found the video setting on her camera and started filming everything. It was much easier that stopping other cosplayers and asking for a photograph although you don't get a really good pose with a video camera.

We spent the night resting and packing and watching Sgt. Frog (AKA Keroro Gunso)

Stupid Costomers Drive Me Insane

I hate, Hate, HATE stupid customers. I mean, seriously! It is so annoying that I just want to stare at them and tell them "WTH?"

Now let the ranting ensure.

BTW I work at Dairy Queen.

A few weeks ago there was a family that came in and the daughter ordered a burger with the bun on the side. She wanted the BUN of the Burger in the SIDE! WTH? And she still wanted all the toppings on it too (lettuce, tomato, etc.). Then when it was given to her and she wandered off to eat it she comes back and tells us that she doesn't want the mayo on it. I saw the mayo when it was being handed out so she should have saw it too when she got it but no~ she had to come back and complain. So Annoying.

I was serving this customer who wanted a fudge bar and there was about  five people behind him and a couple in front of him who were still waiting for their Blizzards that were being made by a newbie. After I served to other people he was still waiting so I'm thinking "I might as well get it since it will take me a few seconds". So I go and get a fudge bag and gave it to the man before I continued my line which grew a little. I was about to serve my last customer (about two minutes after I gave the guy his fudge bar) when the guy cuts in and wants a refund because we took too long. All I'm thinking is "You have you ice cream now go!". Seriously! There were other customers in front of him still waiting and they weren't making a fuss. I would understand if he was waiting five minutes and still didn't have his fudge bar but he only waited for a minute and he had the damn thing in his hands! He had nothing to complain about!

There was a customer in the drive-threw who wanted a banana split Blizzard. It has strawberries, pineapples (both of which were in their own juices), chocolate sauce and banana pieces. That plus ice cream plus a quick blend and it turns a little runny because of the sauces but not so runny that its like ice cream soup. Its one of the most hated Blizzards because if you put too much sauce or blend it for too long then it will be all melted. Anyways, I made the Blizzard as best I could, it was a little softer but not enough that it was soup, so I hand it to the lady who looks at it and asks me to turn it upside down. You know how Dairy Queen use to have those commercials where they hold the ice cream upside-down and it wouldn't fall, she wanted me to flip this near soup concoction upside-down! All I did was stare at her like she was crazy before explaining to her why I couldn't do that. It might be possible if I froze it before giving it to her but that takes time besides, she knows what is in a banana split Blizzard, three different sauces, of course it wouldn't be firm!

We don't have butterscotch dipping for cones, we don't promote it or have it on our menu but people still order it and some of the are all "well you use to have it here". When the hell were you here last? Three years ago? I've been working at that Dairy Queen for a year now and we've never had it and we don't promote it so don't complain to us that you can't get it because you obviously can't read!

Not so good restaurant experience

So, the other day I went out for dinner with some friends. We went to Mexi-Cali-Rosa (not sure if it is spelled that way) on Dow's Lake and when we got there my friend, who recommended the place, was a little confused because it was no longer called Mexi-Cali-Rosa but their menu was the same. We sat on the patio and it started getting windy and it looked like it would rain soon but we stayed outside. Our server was the worst ever and my friend who loved the place before doesn't even want to go back because of him. Apparently he should have asked us if we wanted hot sauce with our meal but my friend had to ask him for it and when it looked like it was about to rain he and some other servers gathered up the umbrellas and salt and pepper shakers and took them inside. He completely forgot about us and we were sitting outside for 20 minutes until it started raining. We get inside and he sees us hand he's like, "Oh, did you want your check?" and my friend was like, "No, we want to order dessert." He directs us to a table then wanders of and comes back 5 minutes later asking what we would like. My friend says that well have three of the fried ice cream (one for each of us) and the he wanders off again, writing our order on his notepad and not even asking us what kind of topping we want on the fried ice cream which is technically faux fried ice cream since it isn't fried. He comes back with three 'faux' fried ice creams and they all had chocolate and raspberry topping. We weren't impressed and just wanted to leave so we decided to go to him instead of waiting for the bill. He was nowhere to be found and we were standing there for 5 minutes until he finally decided to pop up again.

I'm pretty sure we are not going back there and my friend was severely disappointed as, before going there that day, she joked about wanting to live there.

School is almost over...

...but I'm getting frustrated every minute!

There is this group project I have for my Internet Applications class where we pick a topic and make a simple website on it with links to different pages. I was fine at first but then I started remembering why I hate group projects. I always end up with a crappy group.

Not all the other members are bad though. One I know from previous classes but I know he tends to slack off but still gets the work done and the other knows to do the work but doesn't come to class enough so that we can discuss the project face-to-face.

It's the last member that is giving me problems. It was more like we were stuck with him because he is so crazy shy that when I asked for his name he had this deer-in-the-headlights look that I though he was about to cry if he said anything. At first he kept e-mailing me questions and we had to do another topic because he didn't like Harry Potter (BOO! How can you not like Harry Potter!). Then he ends up doing one of my pages even though i sent him three e-mails all containing the list of pages for our site and who is doing which page. Now not only did he forget to add the links to some pages, mine including, but he actually tells me not to change the coding of his pages!


We didn't even discuss the coloring of the pages and he's already decided the layout and color! NO WAY! I e-mailed him (the only way where he is talkative) and told him straight out "you're missing some links and the pages should have more color." The other to members of our group saw my page and they liked the layout and I just sent them the finalized version. Also I told everyone to send me their pages so that I can adjust them to have the same layout but he just sends me the files for the home page and source page!

This is getting to be such a headache.


Anime North 2011

I can't believe I forgot to post about this so I'm doing it now.

This year I am officially going to Anime North in May! Yay! It's been two years since I went so I'm really excited. Also, I'm gonna be cosplaying as Kyouya Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I'm really excited about that. I already found a wig (I just have to buy it), I'll probably buy or make the clothes and I'm definitely making the tonfas. I also already made a little Hibird plushie which is so cute.

LOL. This came about during New Year's. My friend was almost on her way to being completely drunk when she suddenly said that we should book a hotel for Anime North. I, who was already staring to sober up, was worried that she would regret it in the morning but thankfully she still wanted to go. Instead of booking the hotel online, since we were having a hard time finding a room which we later found out that we needed a special code to get the pre-booked rooms, we did it through the phone. The guy that was looking for a room for us didn't hear that we wanted a hotel room in Toronto near the Convention Center and booked a room somewhere in Manitoba. Luckily, we caught the error in time and my friend got it changed.

I am so excited! Just three more months to go!

Anime North, here I come!

New Things

I got quite a few new things this month.

Firstly, I got my new laptop! Yay me! It has 5x more hard drive space and so much more faster than my old laptop. It's also lighter than my old one. I'm so happy with my new laptop. ^_^ *hugs laptop*

The second new thing is the new bag my aunt sent me. It's from Harajuku Lovers and it's smaller than my other bag from the same company and very cute as well. I'm not really a bag fan but I love my two Harajuku Lovers bags.

I also got a new jacket. It's pretty warm but it collects quite a bit of static.

The final new thing is my winter classes. Yay... not. I'm not very excited about them but somethimes they are quite enjoyable.

My B-Day!

Two days late but my birthday was on the 5th. Was with my family but on Monday (6th) I hung out with my friends and had a lot of fun. We watched Due Date (which was totally funny), then went bowling (I did well the first game but totally failed the second game :P), next we went to have dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and finally we had ice cream cake at my friend's place. The cake was amazing! My friend ordered it from work (we work at Dairy Queen) and the cake had a picture of Syaoran and Sakura from Tsubasa. Our cake maker, Kate, did such a good job. I absolutely love it!

Tsubasa cake


Manga: Medaka Box

Just a warning but there are spoilers for those who haven't read Medaka Box yet or haven't read all the chapters to the recent ones.


So I was reading a manga called Medaka Box from the first volume to the recent chapters and at first I really liked it but now its just gotten weird and off topic.

Here is the summary from Baka-Manga Updates:

"Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands.

So, she asks her childhood friend Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help."

As it says in the summary she and Zenkichi help out students who leaves request in the suggestion box and they get some new members for the student council on the way.

Then suddenly there are these special student (Can't remember exactly what they're called. They have powers, ie, mad super ball skills. You know, those tiny rubber balls that bounce everywhere. Well one guy could use a whole lot of them to attack people and he knows the directions they will bounce) causing trouble so the student council comes in to stop them. Total tangent from the plotline.

Then there are these special S Students (Again, not sure what they're called. Their like the special students but with stronger powers. One guy has this god-like voice that when he gives a command to someone (regular person) they can't help but obey) making even more trouble and again Medaka gets the student coucil involved. We also find out that she's like these special S students where her powers is that she's perfect at everything she tries but she also has this psycho side.

Now there are these minus students who don't mind spilling a little (actually a lot of) blood. Seriously, the main minus student (an old schoolmate of Medaka and Zenkichi) attacks people with these huge screws (still wondering where he hides them on himself) while having a smile on his face. He's really creepy.

Really disapointed with this manga. Although it's pretty cool with all the super special powers and everything but it's really, and I mean REALLY, deviated from it's original plot which is perfect-at-everything-she-does student council president and her childhood friend/guard dog helping their fellow students through the suggestion box.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! Only a little more than a month until Golden Sun Dark: Dawn comes out for the DS!! YAY! *dances* Ever since I finished Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age I've been praying, as well as many others, for a sequel and after seven years our prayers have finally been answered! Can't wait! >_<